Dear Data Enthusiasts and Professionals,

Thank you for your dynamic participation in our recent Beltug session: “Data Governance is Vital: Navigating the Challenges”. This session, focusing on “Data Governance in Real-Life Applications,” provided an insightful exploration into the practical aspects of data governance. It was truly inspiring to speak after Nathalie and her user story at Borealis and Emmanuel’s experience at DPD.

Session Materials Available for Download

Below, you’ll find my slides from the session. These slides encompass not only the theoretical aspects of data governance but also the practical insights shared by our guest speakers. I’ve also included a virtual assistant on this page. This AI-powered tool is ready to answer your queries about data governance, so feel free to interact with it and explore its capabilities!

Beltug – AI Inspiration set 2024 – English version door Jackie Janssen

Challenge my virtual assistant on AI

Moreover, I’ve included a unique feature on this page – a virtual assistant. This AI-powered tool is ready to answer your queries about AI and data governance. I warmly invite you to challenge my virtual assistant on AI and explore its capabilities! It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to collaboratively train it with the right qualitative data, enhancing its understanding and efficiency. Your interaction and feedback are valuable in refining its performance.

Intrigued by the Tools We Used?

Curious about the technology behind our virtual assistant or the data management tools discussed during the session? I am happy to discuss the possibilities for your organisation.

Data Governance: A Cornerstone for Organizational Success

Data governance is not just a regulatory requirement; it’s a strategic asset. Well-structured data governance aids in enhancing data quality, ensuring security, and maintaining compliance. It’s about building a framework that empowers organizations to make better decisions, streamline processes, and foster customer trust.

Let’s Connect and Explore Further

Are you pondering over the role of data governance in your organization? Keen to delve deeper into this crucial subject? I’d be delighted to visit your organization for a keynote or to conduct a tailored workshop. Let’s explore how strategic data governance can revolutionize your business operations.

I am eager to hear about your experiences and challenges in data governance and would love to be a part of your journey in this field.

Warm regards,

Jackie Janssen

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