Dear AI Pioneers of Finance,

Thank you immensely for your enthusiastic participation in our recent masterclass “Navigating AI Projects in Finance: The ‘Strategic Spider’ Approach” at AI for Finance of FD Magazine. The slides from this enlightening session are available below. Here, you’ll find not only the slides but also a virtual assistant to query about the content. I warmly invite you to put the assistant to the test!

Are you intrigued by the tools I’ve used? You’ll find this information on the last slide and, of course, on our website.

AI is an undeniable force in reshaping business processes and decision-making. It’s a privilege to be on this journey with you, pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation. Should you have any questions or comments, I am always here for you. Contact me directly at or through my company at

Do you see AI as a smart choice for you or your business? Interested in delving deeper into this topic? I would be thrilled to visit your organization personally with a keynote or to conduct a customized workshop. Together, we can explore how my AI expertise can transform and enrich your business.

Awareness has begun, and I am convinced that you are ready to experiment with AI or perhaps apply it in innovative ways. I look forward to hearing about your progress and hope to play an active role in your AI journey in the future.

With warm and innovative regards,

Jackie Janssen

P.S.: Don’t forget to connect on my LinkedIn profile, where I regularly share updates and news about AI. Let’s discover and leverage the power of AI together!

Masterclass FD Finance door Jackie Janssen

AI for finance – explore the slides and the book with this Virtual Assistant!

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